Not accepting any new Transfer Customers.


Not accepting any new Transfer Customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions can be answered right here on our FAQ page.  Ellis County Firearms will be honored to assist with your firearm purchase. Feel free to call with questions you may have.

I live in Texas; do I have to pay sales tax?

Yes but we are only 6.25%. We are outside the city limits.

Will Ellis County Firearms allow local pickup?

At this time we do not offer local pickup!

How old must I be to purchase a Firearm?

21 to purchase a handgun (pistol or revolver) or 18 to purchase a Rifle or Shotgun

Will Ellis County Firearms provide a Bill of Sale?

Yes! A receipt will be provided on all firearm sales. Receipt will be sent with the firearm.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover (add 2.5%), Cash, USPS Postal Money Order, Personal Check (5 business days to clear) & Cashier’s check (5 days to clear)

Never mail in cash. Cash payments are for local customers. Also, the 5 day wait for personal checks is waived for locals.

Does Ellis Firearms Accept American Express?

No, not at this time.

Why are cashier’s checks treated like a personal check?

This is due to past fraud. I’m sorry but one person ruined it for everyone. We will accept cashier’s & Bank checks but they must clear before firearm ships. This normally takes 5 business days.

Why are cards accessed 2.5%?

All prices reflect a cash discount. This discount is forfeited when Visa, MasterCard or Discover is used.

Why is Debit cards treated like credit cards?

Most debit cards are also credit cards.  We do not have the option to accept debit card personal PIN numbers. Never give out your PIN # over the phone to anyone! It is unsecure!!

Do we accept Pay Pal?

No, we are not able to accept PayPal. PayPal refuses to process payments for the firearms industry. If we did and were caught, it could cause our accounts to be frozen.

Does Ellis County Firearms price match?

Unfortunately no! As much as I hate to admit, we are unable price match. 70% of the time we will be the cheapest but sometimes we are not.

Does Ellis County Firearms have a Lay-away program?

Not at this time, we are not set up for it! If you call I will work with you on a delayed payment. Meaning; you call wanting a gun on Monday but payment will not be mailed till Friday. We will work with customers, we understand life is busy.

Will Ellis County Firearms ship outside of the USA?

No, we do not have an export license. We only ship to the continental USA and it Territories (Alaska, Guam, Hawaii or Puerto Rico)

Canada is the one exception; we must send to a FFL with an export license, like IRUNGUNS in AZ. They would then export to Canada.

Is the Firearm I’m buying Factory New?

Yes, Ellis County Firearms only sells factory new firearms.

Is the Firearm I’m buying in stock?

Yes, Ellis County Firearms only sells firearms that we currently have in stock and ready to ship.

Is the Firearm I’m buying on Display?

No, Ellis County Firearms is primary an internet company. We have no Display!

Does the firearm I’m buying have a warranty?

Yes, if a firearm needs work it will be handled by the manufacturer. We can assist you to make contact.

Many companies offer a lifetime warranty like Colt, FNH, Glock, S&W, Springfield, Browning, Sig, Ruger, Remington, Bond Arms, Mossberg & Taurus. To see a company’s specific warranty please check their web site.

I just received my new firearm. It looks used, as if it's been fired, why?

Many new firearms are test fired at the factory. You may notice powder residue in barrel, rotation marks on revolver cylinders, grease….handling marks, etc. Gun Companies do not clean weapons before they package them for shipping. All firearms sold by Ellis County Firearms are factory new from the manufacturer and includes manufacturer warranty.

What are the steps to buying a firearm online?

This is actually very easy. First choose a firearm, Pay for that Firearm, Select a FFL in your area. Once FFL and payment received, we ship to your selected FFL. Once firearm arrives at the receiving FFL, they will call you with their instructions.

What is a FFL?

An “FFL” is a Federal Firearms License. This is a license acquired from the ATF to sell and deal in Firearms. Firearms can only be shipped to persons with a FFL.

Can a firearm be shipped direct to your home?

No! Firearms can only be shipped to a FFL dealer. The only exception is black powder firearms and that is to approved states.

Why must firearms ship to a FFL?

This is very important! All firearms require a form 4473 filled out (background check). This check confirms the person receiving the firearm may legally possess the firearm.

How does my dealer get Ellis County Firearms their FFL?

This is also quite easy. Give your chosen dealer a call or email them. Ask if they will email, fax or snail mail us copy of their license (FFL). Email to or Fax to 800-580-8711.

Can Ellis County Firearms accept a C&R license for shipment?

No, A C&R (Curio & Relic) license can only be used for certain weapons over 50 years old. Since we only sell new firearms, C&R license would not apply.

How will my Firearm Ship?

If you buy a Handgun – USPS priority mail w/ signature. If you buy a rifle or shotgun – FedEx Ground with signature.  If Ammo is purchased, this will ship FedEx ground w/ ORMD hazmat (no air) endorsement.

When will my Firearm Ship?

Once payment and FFL received. I will have your weapon in the mail within 24 hours and provide you with a tracking #.

What is the shipping cost?

This depends on what is shipped and size of the box. USPS priority mail medium box w/ signature around 14.00; USPS priority mail large box w/ signature around 18.00. USPS large Flat rate w/ Signature around 22.00. FedEx ground for rifles and shotguns w/ signature is 26.00, FedEx ground for ammunition is 30.00 (includes ORMD hazmat fee). Please keep in mind these are estimates, actual rate could be a bit high or lower. Ellis County Firearms always has the ship rate listed with the weapon.

I live in Hawaii, Alaska or a Territory. How much extra is shipping?

We will ship firearms to FFL’s in Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Alaska. Due to the distance an extra 2.00 to 4.00 dollars is added for handguns. 2.00 for small box, 3.00 for medium box and 4.00 for large box……due to distance. For Rifles or shotguns a quote is required 

Form past experience with rifle and shotgun shipments. USPS priority mail is cheaper then FedEx ground to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Guam! Email us with your zip code and I will reply with a quote.

Will I receive a tracking #?

Yes. Handguns and receivers (frames), tracking # will come from Long-guns and ammo, tracking # will come from This is Important, before calling us that you did not receive a tracking #. Please check you junk / spam folder!

Will my firearm ship signature required?

Yes! Many businesses have different hours of operation. We do not want a firearm left on a dealers door step.

Does Shipping Include Insurance?

No but it will arrive signature required. Insurance is available at buyer’s expense, cost is 1.50 per 100. Insurance is purchased in even 100’s only!

Why do you need my dealers (FFL) phone Number?

We only need the receiving FFL’s phone number if you buy a rifle or shotgun. FedEx requires a phone number on the label.

Will we alter weapons to make them legal in your state?

Not really!! Many states have laws that may make a weapon illegal. The most common is magazine capacity! Ellis County Firearms will not modify a weapon to make legal in your state. We will at best, remove hi-cap mags before shipping or replace (If we have them) with 10rd mags. 

Ellis County Firearms will not remove muzzle brakes, add bullet buttons, change stocks or send mags to a different state from which you live.

How do I know if a desired firearm is legal in my state?

The easiest way is to call a local FFL in your state. Tell them what you intend to buy. They can explain if the particular weapon is legal in your state. We have no way of knowing what is legal in every state.

Will Ellis County Firearms ship to California?

Yes! It is important that CA customers know what is or is not legal in California. Please check the CA DOJ list or contact your local dealer to find out if a particular weapon is legal.

Will Ellis County Firearms accept my transfer from other dealers?

NO. At this time we only do transfers for select long time customers. We have grown and become so busy with other aspects of the business. Transfers had to be sacrificed.

How much does Ellis County Firearms charge for Transfers?

20.00 bucks w/ LTC or 25.00 without LTC. Fee is for Handguns, Long-guns or Receivers! Receive a discount for 2 items on the same 4473. Example; w/ CHL 30.00 for 2 items….without CHL 35.00 for 2 items!

Will Ellis County Firearms Transfer out a Firearm for customers?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis! 20.00 bucks + shipping cost. Typically a handgun ships for around 19.00 and long-guns ship for 35.00. Call to set up appointment for transfer and ship preparation. When you call I will explain the details.

What is a CHL / LTC?

“CHL” means Concealed Handgun License and “LTC” means License to Carry Handgun. These are the exact same thing, the State of Texas changed the the title sometime in 2016.

If I have a CHL / LTC, do I still need to fill out the paperwork to purchase a firearm?

Yes. All customers must complete a Form 4473 prior to purchasing any firearm. Your CHL / LTC license exempts us from conducting an FBI NICS check (background check), but is not an exemption from completing the Form 4473.

I'm in Law Enforcement. Will my LEO credentials exempt me from a background check?

No. As a LEO (law Enforcement Officer), you are still required fill out a 4473 and pass a background check. Although LEO may carry anytime and are not require to have a CHL / LTC. Many Offices we have serviced in the past have a CHL / LTC to speed up the process.