Home of the 15.00 Transfer!


Home of the 15.00 Transfer!


FFL Transfer Instructions

Please read our transfer rules before having items sent to us. Thank you.

These changes are do to the overwhelming amount of calls & emails we receive for a simple transfer.

After reviewing our Rules and new fee structure, scroll down to download a copy of our FFL.

NEW RULES! Note: I’m one man handling 700+ transfers and 1800 shipments a year by myself, reason for changes.

  • WE NO LONGER WILL ACCEPT TRANSFERS FROM Non FFL’s. Non FFL’s will not follow directions and its not worth the fee I charge.
  • We require your name and phone # to be in the box with the weapon. Ask seller to include your contact info.
  • We will call you once we have your item in hand, don’t call me!
  • You do not need to send me the tracking #. We do not track packages or plan our day around transfers.
  • You do not need to let us know anything is coming. Once it arrives I will call you.
  • Do not call me to let me know your item is arriving today. I’m not changing my schedule to wait on UPS, FedEx or USPS.
  • Do not call me to let me know your item just arrived. 
  • Do not call me after item arrives to set a pickup time, we will call you when we are ready for you.
  • Items should be sent with Signature. If it gets stolen off my porch, I’m not taking responsibility.
  • NOW, if I have not called you within 24 hours of arrival, then please call me, I may have dialed your # wrong or we did not receive contact info.


  • $15.00 – Customers with a CHL or LTC (Concealed handgun license)
  • $20.00 – Customers that do not have a CHL or LTC
  • $25.00 – If an item comes in from a NON FFL. This will apply to CHL or non CHL holders. Do not want items coming from individuals (non FFL’s)
  •  $5.00 – Added Fee! If item arrives without your contact info and I have to be Sherlock Holmes to contact you. Think about it, it takes time to find you when sellers do not include your contact info.
  •  NOTE: We will still honor the discount for multiple items on same 4473. This is the same discount we’ve had in place for 10 years!

After the firearm arrives we will log in the firearm(s) and give you a call. WHEN THE FIREARM IS PROPERLY LOGGED IN PER ATF REGULATIONS, we will then call you and let you know it is available for pick up. If for some reason we have not contacted you within 24 hours, then please call me. Sometimes I dial the wrong #, get bad contact info or never received contact info from seller.

*Any firearm or receiver not picked up within 60 days after being logged in, will be considered abandoned and disposed of by Ellis County Firearms.*

For our new customers that are not familiar with firearm transfers. New customers with questions, please call me and I will walk you through the process. I understand someone doing this for the first time will have questions. My new rules and fees are due to the overwhelming amount of time I spend daily answering the phone and returning emails.