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Home of the 15.00 Transfer!

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New Glock 43X & 48 Blue Labels are now in stock

Shot Show News

Shot Show was a great success of which you will see some great new deals. Above and beyond the new products, one highlight was meeting Sundance Head and his wife. Sundance was a winner  of the voice w/ Blake Shelton. Fantastic singer (primary country) and he mentioned his new album hits Amazon on 1/25/19. We also met Randy Couture, retired MMA fighter. Really nice guy, talked and took photos with everyone. At the State of the industry dinner, Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) come out and did 1 hour of comedy……So funny, loved it!!

Now for the new items and deals!! We ordered Springfield XDS 3.3″ black 40s&w & XDM 4.5″ FDE threaded……almost 100.00 off each. Ordered 2 different Colt 1911 70 series competitions, these were 75.00 off. We got the new Glock 48 with and with out night sights, also got the 43X with and with out night sights. Received very few of the Glock 41 (45acp) & 35 gen4 (40s&w) MOS over 100.00 off. Got 3 of the Glock 35 gen4 black 40s&w at over 100.00 off. In Sig, we got the 225 9mm w/ 3mags at 125.00 off. Got the Sig 938 w/ laser at 190.00 off & reduced the Sig 238 Spartan by 90.00 bucks due to the amazing sale offered at the show. Picked up 30 of the Sig 227 TACOPS w/ NS & 4mags 45acp and its 200.00 off . Last Sig deal we received was the Sig 320 compact threaded w/ night sights at 110.00 off……Got 10 and price will be 500.00

  • Springfield XDS 3.3″ black 40s&w for 369.99……3rd mag free
  • Springfield XDM 4.5″ FDE threaded 9mm 3mags  449.99
  • Colt 1911 Competition black 9mm 70series  775.00
  • Colt 1911 Competition bitone 45acp 70series 869.99
  • Glock 48 or 43X 9mm 435.00
  • Glock 48 or 43X 9mm w/ NS 475.00
  • Glock 41 gen4 MOS 45acp 500.00
  • Glock 35 gen4 MOS 40s&w 500.00
  • Glock 35 gen4 40s&w 465.00
  • Sig 238 Spartan 380auto 589.99
  • Sig 938 bitone w/ laser & NS 9mm 550.00
  • Sig 320 compact threaded & NS 9mm 509.99
  • Sig 225 CC, NS & 3mags 9mm 650.00
  • Sig 227 TACOPS NS 4mags 45acp 910.00

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  • Springfield XDS 3.3" black 40s&w 3rd mag

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    Taurus 1911 High Polish Blue / SS 45acp 2mag 1-191109B-VZ

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    Sig 226 Emperor Scorpion Elite 40s&w E26R-40-ESCPN New

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